New downhill mountainbike race on Croatian island of Lošinj is the perfect place to start your race season. The race weekend starts in Veli Lošinj on Saturday April 22nd, with track walk, unofficial training and semi-finals. The race day is on Sunday, April 23rd with official training at 9 o’clock and finals at 13.30 o’clock.

Island of Lošinj

In the past, Veli Lošinj was one of the first settlements on the island, and because of its exceptional climate characteristics, Veli Lošinj was pronounced a climate health resort, pursuant to a decree passed by the Ministry of Health of the Austro – Hungarian Monarchy. Lošinj became one the favourite holiday destinations among the Austro – Hungarian aristocracy, who built numerous villas and summer residences which still adorn Lošinj today.

The history of the oldest settlements on the islands (Lubenice, Osor, Beli) goes back over 4000 years, and the Roman town of Osor was the Bishopric seat in the 9th century.

For more info about Lošinj, the archipelago and arrival on the island, please check the following links: link 1 & link 2.

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